Carolina Sundberg got tired with sending away her children to school with lunches that she knew would be un-fresh before it was time to eat them. She invented Frozzypack; a unique lunchbox with integrated cooling that keeps the food fresh and cool 7h.

“My daughter was going to skate with the school. At 7 am I packed pancakes in her lunchbox that would be eaten 5 hours later. I wanted her to put the lunchbox in a cooler-bag with an icepack, but my daughter did not want that. She had enough to carry; skates, helmet, lunchbox and drink. I tried to just put the icepack in the bag, but that did not work either. We ended up in an argument and in a pure frustration I thought –why is there no lunchbox with cooling inside?” says Carolina Sundberg, MD and founder at Frozzypack.

Many hours later, there is now finally a lunch box with cooling in the lid, which keeps food cool all day.

Designed to simplify your everyday life.


The inventor Carolina Sundberg was earlier a shop manager at Lindex, but changed her profession in connection with the creation of Frozzypack to be a fulltime self-employed person and innovator.

Patric Sundberg, Carolinas husband quit his job at the bank to work with Carolina.



Frozzypack is a registered trademark, design protected and patent pending.