Insidepack keeps order in your Frozzypack.
Use it without the lid as divider or with the lid for your sauce, cream, jam or sides.

You can also use it outside your Frozzypack, pack close to the lid if you need to cool slightly.
It also fits perfectly to just put in your pocket when you want to have with you a little something to snack on.
Pack yogurt with berries in your Frozzypack and some nuts and seeds in your Insidepack.
Pack the baby food in the Insidepack for your baby and a fresh salad for you.
It fits two Insidepack in Frozzypack Original and three Insidepack in Frozzypack No.2.

The box is made of food grade polypropylene, cover is food grade polyethylene.
Box and lid can be washed in a dishwasher and can be frozen.
The box is microwave safe. We do not recommend to use the lid in the microwave.

Volume: 150 ml
Dimensions: length 10.6 cm, width 6.8 cm, height 4.0 cm
Weight: 34g